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Africa in the Nineteenth Century HIS9E4 Module
Africa in the Twentieth Century HIS9E5 Module
American History from 1787-1890 HIS9D4 Module
American Politics POL9US Module
Apartheid and resistance in South Africa, 1948-1994 HIS9E7 Module
Approaches and Methods in History HIS9X6 Module
Black People in Britain 1750-1950: Racism Riots and Resistance HIS9G5 Module
Britain in Age of the American and French Revolutions 1760-1815 HIS9F7 Module
British Social Democracy POL9SD Module
Business and International Politics POL9BP Module
Castles, Power and Authority, Landscapes and Context HIS9I6 Module
Climate Change, Human Security and Resource Conflicts ICCP10 Module
Comparative Politics POL9CP Module
Conflict in Independent Africa ICCP18 Module
Dissertation ENHP15 Module
Dissertation HTRP03 Module
Dissertation ICCP04 Module
Dissertation in History HIS9P8 Module
Empire to Europe: Britain 1914-1990 HIS922 Module
Environmental Historiography ENHP09 Module
Environmental Historiography ENHP10 Module
Environmental Politics in an International Context POL9EZ Module
Europe in the Long Nineteenth Century 1789-1918 HIS9B4 Module
For God, King and Parliament: The Birth of Modern Europe, 1500-1700 HIS9S6 Module
Freedom, Violence and Repression: the People in Revolution ART9B6 Module
Gender in Britain, 1750-1930 HIS9F5 Module
Germany, Europe and the World POL9GY Module
Gladstone Studies HIS9W7 Module
Government and Society in Scotland 1800-1918: Problems and Responses HIS9N7 Module
Great Political Thinkers POL9PG Module
Green Politics: Theory and Analysis POL9GP Module
Heritage, Identity and Place ENHP24 Module
Historiography HTRP11 Module
Historiography HTRP17 Module
History Dissertation HIS9X7 Module
History of Political Thought ART9C6 Module
History Special Subject (topics to be assigned by History and Politics - see History and Politics website for details) HIS977 Module
Human Rights in World Politics POL9HR Module
International Conflict and Co-operation Analysis ICCP01 Module
International Organisation ICCP02 Module
International Politics POL9IP Module
International Politics Dissertation POL9IT Module
Introduction to International Politics POL9X3 Module
Kingship & Nationhood: Scotland c.1100-1513 HIS9S1 Module
Left and Right Communitarianism POL9LR Module
Medieval Scottish History HTRP16 Module
Middle East ICCP19 Module
Nineteenth Century Scotland c.1800-1914 HIS9S5 Module
Occupied Europe: Conquest, Resistance and Liberation ART9E6 Module
Part time Dissertation HTRP13 Module
People and Power: Politics of the British Isles POL911 Module
People Politics and Empire: Britain 1780-1914 HIS921 Module
Peoples in Movement: Migrants, Refugees and Human Security ICCP11 Module
Political Communications POL9PC Module
Political Concepts and Ideas POL912 Module
Political Economy and the Global Environment POL9GE Module
Political Union or a House Divided? The Politics of European Integration POL9IE Module
Politics Dissertation POL9DT Module
PPE Dissertation ART9E1 Module
Problems in International Politics POL9X1 Module
Protected Spaces: Heritage Law and Designation ENHP26 Module
Protests, Riots and Propaganda: Popular Politics in Eighteenth-Century Britain HIS9F6 Module
Radicalism to Labourism: Popular Politics 1800-1931 HIS9U6 Module
Religion, Politics and Society in Nineteenth-Century Britain HIS9L5 Module
Renaissance to Revolution:Scotland 1513-1689 HIS9S2 Module
Reputations in History HIS9S3 Module
Research Methods ICCP03 Module
Research Methods in Politics POL9RM Module
Revolution and Counter-Revolution: Historiography and Concepts RCRP01 Module
Safer Spaces:The Use, Abuse and Protection of the Environment in Twentieth Century Britain ART9H6 Module
Scotland 1689 - c.1800 HIS9S4 Module
Scottish History Special Subject (topics to be assigned by History and Politics - see History and Politics website) HIS987 Module
Scottish History: The Covenanters ISS9TC Module
Scottish Politics and Government POL9PS Module
Shorter Dissertation for ITE degrees HIS9X8 Module
Social History of the Victorian City – Computer Approaches HIS9G4 Module
Sources and Methods HTRP12 Module
Sources and Methods HTRP15 Module
Stewart Scotland II: 1488-1542 – The Glory of Princely Governing? HIS9P6 Module
The American Revolution HIS9D7 Module
The American Revolution 1775-1790 RCRP09 Module
The Golden Age HIS9Y7 Module
The Highlands and the Roots of Green Consciousness ENHP25 Module
The Imperial Crisis RCRP04 Module
The Politics of Eastern Europe POL9EE Module
The Politics of Justice, Equality and Rights POL9PJ Module
The Rural Environment ENHP12 Module
The Stewart Kings of Scotland 1424-1513 HIS9P5 Module
The United States since 1890 HIS9D5 Module
The Urban Environment ENHP13 Module
Twentieth Century Europe, 1918-2001 HIS9B5 Module
US Foreign Policy POL9AF Module
War, famine, disease and death HIS9J4 Module
Witchcraft and Belief in Early-Modern Scotland, 1563-1736 ISS9WS Module

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